Thursday, February 26, 2009

FFA trips

FFA NAtionals trip, was so much fun words cant explain how much fun it was. I am so glad that I got to spend it with my best friends! i will never forget all the many memories we made together! When we arrived in Indainapolis we were all ready for dinner and our beds it was a long day with layovers and sitting on a plane with everyone being FFA members which wasnt bad at all, just the lay overs. So we go find our rental vans and they give us two big! vans that hold eight or ten people,we all get comfortable and the guy comes to tell us we hve the wrong vans, so we unload everything and try to load everything into almost a mini van lol yes we were very squished with everyones bags. Jess,Me, Josi,Colby,Jamie
After dinner we just had to go to Walmart to pick up a few snacks, it was a must to have cereal, milk, spoons, bowls, ice cream, and mountain dew! When we get back to our hotel someone always has to pull a prank so this time it was on Tyrell,Jordan and Cody. BEfore they got in there rooms greg went in and ( i cant believe i am telling everyone this) took a crap in there tank! so every time they flushed the toilet brown poop water would come out instead of freash clean water haha gross! huh. It was the very last day before they noticed and we told them who did it.
Everynight everyone either came in our room or Creers room to watch movies. Well the second night they came in our room at food, watched tv and jumped on the beds! it was a BLAST! but the best part was when tyrell gave us his best foot massages ever!

That is just the behind the scenes of nationals lol we all competed and did the best we could, we all had a blast and never will forget the people we met, the many laughs and the many many memories we had together!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

FiNaLlY 16!!!

I never thought the day would come, it seemed like forever when I started counting down from 200 lol. Well it finally came when my parents were gone on a trip, so I had grandma and the rest of my family to spend the day with. My grandma made my favorite dinner ( chicken alfredo )yummy! it was almost as good as Olive Gardens she also made cheese cake. Thanks Grandma it was delicous!,
Later that night we watached The Dark Night for about the fifith time lol. Ya I didnt do much partying for being my birthday let alone my 16 birthday, but that was all happening that weekend when Casey was coming up lol. He got up here around five friday night we went to dinner with his mom then after our plan was to go ice skating since the weather was so crapy! that didnt happen so instead we played the Wii which i totally kicked his BUTT! at tennis i would of at bowling too but he kinda likes to cheat hahaha. So saturday comes and i had to help fix a corral, which i thought i would have plenty of time to do that and get ready before Casey came, but i was wrong he showed up when we were still fixing the corral which was kinda bad because i just hurried outside when i woke up, I was not a very pretty sight lol but what girl isnt in the mornings.When i got in the house i didnt even care what I looked like i knew if he didnt like how i looked in the mornings he would have to get over it hahaha. So of course he had to wait for me to get ready which i thought i got ready pretty fast, but apprently not to him hahaha sorry Casey you will just have to get over the fact that we might not always be on time for things and you might just have to wait for me a few times hahaha. So we head over to logan to go to the Fun Park when we got there we wasnt quite sure of what we were going to do so i finally i just decide to go roller skating haha wow was that fun! At first I was kinda nervous because i knew he wasnt the best skater and accident waiting to happen lol we get skating and Casey just stared down at his feet the whole time with his arms out to keep him balanced i wish we could of got some pictures. After roller skating we went and played on the jungle gym with a TON! of little kids lol it was so funny because where ever we went we always ended up runnig into this little girl that kept getting mad at us because we were always in her way or way to big to be on there, or we was going the wrong way lol. Later that day we had lunch and went adm seen Bed Time Stories it was way super cute! Thanks for such FUN!!! two days Casey i had a blast!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My trip to Fayette! ( Casey's house)

The three hour drive to Fayette with my grandma debbie, Mick and my Mom was an experiance it wasnt bad as i thought it was going to be. As excited as i was to see Casey and his family i thought it was going to be the longest ride of my life! but no it was the exact oppisite. Mick was really good we brought along cows, tractors, trailers, his game, and a colring book to keep him entertained ya well that lasted about a half hour until he started asking "are we almost there" how many more mintues" so after hearing that for another half hour i bribed him the next time we stopped to let grandma go pea haha he could pick out a treat and a drink which only lasted awhile until he started asking again when we were going to be there lol. We finally arrived in Fayette once Mick seen Casey's dairy he was so excited! to get out out of the car but who wasnt ready lol. The first thing we did was we went "Hooding" i was kinda nervous at first but once we got going it was a blast! Chris and his girlfriend came along with Gabby (Casey's niece) and Me, MIck, and of course Casey. After a few times aof Mick and Casey trying to push me off he got me off along with Casey lol Thanks! for letting him come with us he won't stop tallking about how much fun he had. After hooding Casey gave me a tour of the dairy which was pretty cool that they can milk forty cows at a time instead of twelve haha after that Casey tried takin me a tractor that was blue which he did get me to sit in but he couldnt get it to start imagine that haha he did manage to get a picture of me standining by it though and thats probably the only picture he will get too lol sorry Casey you know my opinoin on them. Sorry the picture isnt very good probably because we were standing by a blue tractor haha. The rest of the day was a total blast! On the ride to meet my mom in provo was fun we took lots of crazy pictures more then half of them didnt turn out cause i was laughing so hard. THANKS! janice and bob for letting me come up, you made me feel really welcomed:) i hope i can come up again sometime soon! Thank you mom for driving me all the way up there it meant alot THANK YOU I LOVE YOU! your the best:)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Sweet Suprise! :)

So pretty much i got the most cutiest suprise ever! Awhile ago Casey asked for my address so i gave it to him not knowing why in the world he wanted it. So wensenday afternoon shaylie comes running in the house with a package for me from Casey, i was shocked i had no clue what it was
so i started opening it and every move i made my stinkin mom had to take
a picture. lol i love you mom :) i opened it up and Omg! it smelt sooooooo! good :) all my sisters had to smell too lol i told them they needed to find a guy that smelt this good:) anyways he had wrote me two cute letters and had some super cute pictures of us! along with a cute pillow case that he says he made but i think he had alittle help from his mom:) Thanks Janice i love it! especially love how good it smells :):):)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family Pictures

""Family means putting your arms around each other and being there"."

""If ever there is a tomorrow, when were not together there is something you
must always remember, even if were apart I'll always be with you.""

"Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts.""

Monday, December 1, 2008

Family pictures

Family pictures ar e so hard for my family because known of us know how to be serious and actually pay attention to what we are suppose to be doing lol oh well i guess we did have fun even though it was early in the morning and kinda cold

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Jordan,Jamie,Josi, Me,Tyrell we all went to the fun park in logan one night to play lazer tag, when we got there we seen that no one was on the big toy so we did that too it was so much FUN! later we played Lazer tag which was even better we played in teams girls against boys which we totally dominated the guys if you ask them they just deny it. Guys just need to realize that girls are much better at things then guys are. Later we took them shopping they didnt really have a choice to come or not to come lol they acted like they had a good time shopping with a bunch of girls in the bra and underwear setion, what guy wouldnt have fun shopping with a bunch of girls haha. thanks guys! it was fun shopping with you :)